How to Write, Market and Sell Children’s Books


Just About Everything You Should Know & Consider

– A Comprehensive Guide –

♦ Story Development ♦ Writing Process ♦ Deciding Age Group  ♦ Vocabulary ♦ Editing ♦ Interior Formatting ♦ Finding Illustrators ♦ Cover Creation ♦ Publishing Choices ♦ Marketing Avenues  ♦ Gathering Reviews ♦ Public Sales Etiquette ♦ Your Branding ♦ School Visits ♦ The Dark Side of Publishing & More!


Have you thought about writing a children’s book but didn’t know how to start?

Have you exhausted traditional submissions and are considering self-publishing?

Have you self-published your children’s book but the sales are not coming in?

Then this ‘How to Write, Market and Sell Children’s Books’ will be the ultimate manual that will teach you ‘everything you should know and consider’ for your writing goals!

When I first tiptoed into the book publishing industry I was as green as a four-leaf clover.

I discovered writers’ workshops charge hopeful authors hundreds of dollars with the promise of turning their book into a bestseller but they are so generic it doesn’t really help. I also learned that the information provided does not contain the details necessary for children’s books to find success.

This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. There are no secrets to book publishing. This is an in-depth roadmap to what lies ahead if you decide to take this journey. All of this will take talent, time, hard work and desire.

Inside you will discover:

  • How to write for children utilizing proper vocabulary and grammar.
  • Determine if your story is for a picture book, early reader or chapter book.
  • Choosing between traditional publishing, vanity, hybrid or self-publishing.
  • Learn the stages of editing with Tips & Tricks for the pre-editing process.
  • How to find illustrators, format your interior and design a great book cover.
  • The pre-marketing and post-marketing process and how marketing never ends.
  • How and where to get book reviews and use those reviews to build momentum.
  • How to pick popular keyword phrases to ensure your book is discoverable.
  • Marketing direct to the public, powerful strategies and suggestions.
  • How to visit schools, bookstores and attend other public events.
  • The Dark Side of Publishing, what other authors won’t tell you or prepare you for.

Writing a book can be hard. Marketing can be even harder.

“I hope you gain valuable insight and enough inspiration throughout these pages to meet your goal of becoming a successful children’s book author.” Kathleen J. Shields is a multiple award-winning author with more than 40 published books.


How to Write, Market and Sell Children's Books

How to Write, Market and Sell Children’s Books

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