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Meet Hamilton Troll, a fun-loving friend to the forest creatures and quite a unique little troll. But Hamilton has a problem, a fear he simply can not control, and it is up to Pink Light Sprite to help him resolve his problem. Follow Hamilton as he takes this exciting journey down the forest path. He will meet new friends that he will always remember and he will in-turn help others when they need him the most.



Christian Messages in Pink Light Sprite

As someone young to the Christian faith (when I wrote Hamilton Troll meets Pink light Sprite) I was eager to take in Gods word.  Like a sponge I soaked up everything I could get, so I guess it makes sense that in my writing, some of that Word, would spill out.

While it was never my intention on implementing Christian messages within the Hamilton Troll books, it just so happens that there are various passages that could be construed of as Christian, and many of them are similar to bible verses.  I chose a few to go with the story book stanzas, and while there were many more, these were the closest references.

My hope is that these scripture passages will add to a young child’s bible study or Christian teachings.

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6 reviews for 01 Hamilton Troll meets Pink Light Sprite

  1. Janette

    I was asked by the writer to review this book and it is one of very few books for children I have agreed to read and review. I found this a delightful tale of a troll who meets a new friend and learns a lesson in how to get over his fears. He is also given practical advice on how to protect his home in a storm and how to transplant a plant carefully. He wanders the woods helping the animals and giving out hugs and giggling, which is rather nice.
    The Illustrations are beautifully done and the colours are not garish or too bright, which I have found in a lot of modern children’s books.
    However the best bit about this book is the narrative of rhyme which is sophisticated, child oriented and has good rhythm. I can imagine reading this to my granddaughter at quite a pace, and keeping her interest with the words and the fine detail in the pictures.
    Well deserved five stars.

  2. Barbara

    Hamilton Troll is the story of a likeable little Troll named Hamilton, who is just about the size of a mouse. He is a cheerful person and has many friends in the forest. The tiny green troll has a big problem every time it rains. His shelter is merely a hole in a tree stump which floods and threatens to drown him! So poor Hamilton cowers in fear each time the rain approaches. His fall back plan is to hide under a plant with elephant like ears which he calls the Flop Away Home. One day as the sun emerges following a thunderstorm, Hamilton hears singing. He finds a beautiful Pink Sprite Fairy who has been grounded because her wings are soaked. She must wait until they dry to take flight again. Pink Sprite befriends Hamilton and gives him some good advice. Why doesn’t he move one of those plants over his tree stump home? Then when the rains come, he will be protected. They go off to talk and play, but all too soon, Pink Sprite’s wings are dry. Hamilton is afraid; who will protect him when she leaves him? Pink Sprite reassures him that he will be safe now. Whenever he needs her, he has only to dream of her and the love and friendship that they have for one another. Hamilton has learned not to fear the unknown and to care for others who might need him.
    The characters are charmingly drawn in soft muted colors with wonderful expression. The use of such opposite characters as a troll and fairy make it appealing to a wide audience. This story is narrated in verse, which is often catchy and clever. It works most of the time, but there a few long passages in which it breaks down so that children may not be able to fully comprehend its meaning. The author does explain some of the more difficult vocabulary words used like transplant and mystique; the definitions are clearly displayed on the same page avoiding the need to flip to a glossary.
    I think children age seven and up will really appreciate the characters and story line of this pleasing tale.

  3. Hope

    Hamilton Troll is a fun-loving friend to the forest creatures. As preschoolers meet him in this first book of a growing series they will look forward to the next books to see what Hamilton and his friends are doing.
    In this opener to the series, lovable Hamilton has a big problem. He is afraid of rainstorms because the water floods his home in the ground. Things change when he meets Pink Light Sprite who befriends him while she is waiting for her wings to dry so she can fly again. She helps Hamilton solve his problem and encourages him to be friend to all.

    The story is told in rhyme and most times single syllable words. There’s a rhythm to the story that young listeners will love and will enable them to chime in on the telling after hearing it read aloud a few times. The personalities of Hamilton and his animal friends have child appeal because they shine through their facial expressions, The colorful drawings are a perfect match for the text.

  4. Christi

    I had a chance to read this book at a friend’s house and I have ordered copies for my young nieces.

    I love the story and the illustrations are great.
    You will fall in love with this Troll.

    Can’t wait for the next in series.

  5. Jennifer

    My six year old daughter and I just read Hamilton Troll meets Pink Light Sprite together! We loved it! Can’t wait to read more Hamilton Troll adventures! Jennifer

  6. mark

    Enjoyed reading this book with my first grader! The rhymes were very catchy and introduced new words to my daughters vocabulary. Can’t wait to read more Hamilton Troll adventures! 😊

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