A Rainbow of Thanks

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Kate has just turned 11 and is about to have the adventure of a lifetime! While out playing, she steps into a rainbow and is magically transported to another place on the planet. Everywhere she goes, she meets a child of a different nationality who tells her about their cultural beliefs about rainbows.

When she finally gets home, she has quite an amazing story to share, but there are some who don’t believe her. Yet in the end, the proof arrives just in time and leaves the adults in her life with dropped jaws and shocked expressions.



A Rainbow of Thanks is a children’s chapter book for ages 8 and up and it follows a young girl one day as she travels the world on a rainbow.

Short Excerpt:

You know that feeling you get when you’re trying to balance on the kitchen cabinet and reach for that special candy in the dish on the top shelf and your hand slips and…


The candy dish falls and breaks on the kitchen floor? You know you are in a world of trouble, but all you can do is wait for the punishment?

Well that’s how I felt – times like a thousand! I mean, I have a really good imagination, and I’ve come up with some pretty darn good excuses for some of the messes I get myself into, but how do you call your mom to say you’re seven states away and you just left the house like twenty minutes ago?

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6 reviews for A Rainbow of Thanks

  1. George R.

    At the edge of our seats – When Kathleen was going to do a reading for us she said it would take approximately twenty minutes. I thought to myself, wow how can I sit through twenty minutes of a child’s story? Then I remembered how many of my songs she’s sat through. By the end of the story my whole adult family; including Genesis and myself, were at the edge of our seats wiping away tears and thunderously applauding! I stood up and boasted that she’s my personal friend and that was the shortest twenty minutes ever.

  2. Barbara Ann Mojica

    Wow! What a journey! Recommended for children ages eight and up, but adults will love it as well. Definitely cute, but also very informative! Read the entire review here:

  3. Angel

    Loved this! An excellent way of getting kids involved in World Cultures and lore! Would make an excellent gift for any parent looking to help foster an interest in Social Studies for a student that is not quite interested. The narration on this is perfect as well! This writer is talented enough to write from a child’s mindset. Very impressive.

  4. Janice

    A Rainbow of Thanks is a delightful and imaginative story of a young girl with a great big imagination. She doesn’t want to do her homework, a report on cultures of other peoples. One day she steps into a rainbow and is transported to other lands where she meets other children who share some of their culture and beliefs with her. She in turn shares with them some of her possessions which she carries in her backpack. All of these possessions have her mailing address label on them. When she finally gets back home through another rainbow she has quite a tale to tell but no one believes her. Find out what happens next and how she convinces her mother and her teacher that she was not telling a tall tale. This is a sweet story that children of preteen age will enjoy and talk about with their friends. Who doesn’t love rainbows and imagine what magic and mystery they hold in their colors.

  5. Diane

    My daughter loved this story. She even read some parts to me that she liked. The art and writing project at the end was a great idea as well.

  6. Ashly

    My daughter and I read A Rainbow of Thanks, which we purchased at the Fischer store the weekend after Thanksgiving. Ms. Shields is an amazing story teller and a great person.

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