A Rainbow of Thanks



Kate has just turned 11 and is about to have the adventure of a lifetime! While out playing, she steps into a rainbow and is magically transported to another place on the planet. Everywhere she goes, she meets a child of a different nationality who tells her about their cultural beliefs about rainbows.

When she finally gets home, she has quite an amazing story to share, but there are some who don’t believe her. Yet in the end, the proof arrives just in time and leaves the adults in her life with dropped jaws and shocked expressions.


A Rainbow of Thanks is a children’s chapter book for ages 8 and up and it follows a young girl one day as she travels the world on a rainbow.

Short Excerpt:

You know that feeling you get when you’re trying to balance on the kitchen cabinet and reach for that special candy in the dish on the top shelf and your hand slips and…


The candy dish falls and breaks on the kitchen floor? You know you are in a world of trouble, but all you can do is wait for the punishment?

Well that’s how I felt – times like a thousand! I mean, I have a really good imagination, and I’ve come up with some pretty darn good excuses for some of the messes I get myself into, but how do you call your mom to say you’re seven states away and you just left the house like twenty minutes ago?

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