Imagination is key – it’s the key to every good story. It’s the key to unlock the door to everything you will ever want to do in life. If you can imagine it, you can imagine a way to accomplish it!

The KEY to a good story is

imagination-title Imagination is key author Kathleen J. Shields

You must be able to visualize your new world,

have in-depth conversations with your characters

and feel the emotions billowing up.


Some might even say you should be a little bit crazy to be a writer…

I tend to agree.

imagination1 Imagination is key author Kathleen J. Shields

To read or write takes a strong, active imagination.

You must be able to read the written word and visualize the story.

And, you must be able to visualize the story to write the written word. This is why Imagination is Key.


Children have an innate ability to imagine the impossible – that is what I love about them.

They believe in unicorns, ghosts, dragons and magic. They want to believe, and that’s what lets their imaginations run wild.


imagination2 Imagination is key author Kathleen J. Shields

It’s a true gift to be able to seek the imaginary, write it into a world and share my stories with readers.

Of course the most important aspect of that sentence is: readers.

I can keep writing. I can keep dreaming… but without readers to support my imagination – I may as well give up. But I won’t! I refuse to give up on my dreams and you shouldn’t either. My goal is to inspire young readers and writers. I even inspire fellow authors and those aspiring to publish. If you help others, you are helping yourself. So if you read a great book – leave a review so others will know how good it is.

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So support an author – Buy a Book.


Read it.


Live it.

Share it.

Reviews don’t have to be artistically written. They don’t need to be long. They just need to tell the truth, which is, this is a good book and this is why others should read it! Find a book on Amazon and leave a review!

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