What is MagicBlox? Great Question!

MagicBlox provides ebooks to children from ages 1-13 connecting your readers to new stories. Why is this so important? How is this any different than any other e-reader app? I’ll tell you – it’s because they connect the ebook with narration!

Do you remember when paper books came with records (yes I’m that old) and those records read the book to young children as they looked at the page, the illustrations and read-along? Well this is the digital version of that! There’s a little ding the child hears when they need to turn the page. It follows along the story and the child can skip pages, go backwards or jump to their favorite part any time they want.

This program reads to children when a parent or adult can’t. It’s bedtime stories at anytime of the day and it’s continuing the reading process even when you can’t. We have our Hamilton Troll series connected to this program, so check it out!