12 Hamilton Troll and the Big Race

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Emotions run high when Starlit challenges Hamilton to a race. Hamilton’s certain he can’t lose and Starlit’s sure she’ll win. The characters plan a course that takes the trolls through Hamilton’s world. It’s an action-packed race. Yet that’s when the story takes an unexpected turn.

In every good race there will be a winner and a loser. This is an important life-lesson on how to be happy even when you’re sad.



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5 reviews for 12 Hamilton Troll and the Big Race

  1. Joe

    From a parents viewpoint when every child gets a trophy after a game (even the team that didn’t win) this story is a breath of fresh air! Thank you to the author Kathleen for writing a story that will teach a lesson!

  2. Maureen

    I can not wait to try buy the other books. If they are anything like this one, this is an amazing series. The Big race was so well written, the illustrations colorful and the message – just perfect. Wow!

  3. Sandra

    This story came just in time for my little Justin as he needed to learn this lesson. Great story!

  4. Mamta Madhavan

    Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

    Hamilton Troll and the Big Race by Kathleen J. Shields is an adorable story for children that revolves around Hamilton, the troll. In this book, Starlit challenges Hamilton to a race. Hamilton is sure he will win and Starlit is sure she will defeat Hamilton in the race. The race is important to Starlit as she wants to prove to Hamilton that all the stories and adventures she has told him are true. They are neck to neck in the race and Hamilton is sure he is going to win. Things don’t go the way he expected and Hamilton is angry and upset. Pink Light Sprite comes to him and gives him some important lessons that change the way he thinks about his loss.

    The story conveys important life lessons to young readers which are useful and helpful in their day-to-day lives. The illustrations are bright and colorful and they breathe life into the characters and the scenes, making them vivid. The two main characters, Hamilton and Starlit, are real and relatable and readers can connect well with their emotions. It’s an excellent bedtime storybook and can be used for interactive sessions in classrooms and school libraries. Reading this book also enhances the vocabulary of young readers as it teaches them new words.

    Books like this are always good for children as they understand the concept, message, and thought with clarity when these are expressed via a story and illustrations. I would recommend having this book in one’s personal collection as the story can be read again and again.

  5. Kathleen

    A cute story with a lovely rhythm. I’m always a bit wary of rhyming books – it seems words are often forced to make a rhyme work. While there were a couple instances of this (e.g. “into the evening night” – a bit redundant), overall, the story flowed well within the rhyme and there were few superfluous or forced words. It’s a story that I think kids will enjoy.


    Lovely, fun, and colorful with lots of interesting detail. Each picture is well planned to fit text properly. The text is clearly legible, and the bold font was a good choice.


    Cute, engaging, colorful. I might have liked something that reflected a “big race” more, but this works well.

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