Dream World Defenders


What would you do if you could do anything?

This is the question Parker, Justin, Blake, Owen, Kaylee and Ryan ask themselves, when they arrive in the dream world. Of course they had to face their own fears first.
Nightmares consisting of being chased, falling and arriving in class wearing just your underwear were keeping them all awake at night. But Ryan’s mom had taught him about dreams including how to control his dreams, so helping these five was just the beginning.


Short Excerpt:

“We made it!” Everyone screamed. They cheered, jumped up and down and high fived each other. “This is so awesome!” “Totally!” “We’re free!” “We can do whatever we want!” “Yeah!” “Go anywhere we want!” “No rules!” “No curfew!” “No bedtime!” “No vegetables at dinner!” “We are the coolest kids in the world!” “In the universe!” “Yeah!” They all stared at each other, smiling brightly, excited… they continued to stare, eyes shifting, right and left. They looked at each other, carefully, curiously. Their faces went from excitement to confusion. “Uh… what do we want to do?” “I don’t know. What do you want to do?” “Any ideas?” “Uh…” They continued to stand there. Some shifted their feet on the ground, others wrung their hands together. “Uh…” Deep in thought, Parker tried to come up with something to do. He pressed the bridge of his glasses back up his nose. The act of repositioning his glasses had become so routine; he’d never even given it much thought, until now. It was annoying. This was the dream world. He shouldn’t have to wear glasses! Just then Parker declared boldly, “Well I’m not wearing glasses here!” He took off his glasses and threw them to the ground. He stomped on them then looked up at the shocked faces of the others. He saw Kaylee’s freckles dotting her face. He read the logo on Justin’s black shirt. He scrunched his eyes then widened them. “Guys! I’ve got perfect vision!” Everyone looked at him curiously. “Well,” said Kaylee, ever the wise one, “of course you do. If you want it, you can have it. We are in the dream world.”

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