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Over the years I have been asked by many people if I would do a book of the month club. Being as we didn’t have 12 books I couldn’t see doing it (one for each month of the year). However, NOW we have 11 books and are working on book #12 (due out Spring 2016) and suddenly this seems a lot more feasible.

So for those who haven’t started their Hamilton Troll Collection – and want to…
Have I got a great deal for you!

When you click on the subscribe button and enter in your details (must have a PayPal account or create one for the recurring payments) you will then be added to our monthly book subscription.

Immediately, the first book of the series, Hamilton Troll meets Pink Light Sprite will ship from the publisher. This time next month, the second book, Hamilton Troll meets Skeeter Skunk will ship to you and so on. By the time the year ends you will have all 12 books of this fantastic series!

On top of that, you’ll get Free Shipping and no hidden fees – just a worry-free book in the mail every month until your collection is complete.


For $15 per month you’ll be
bringing education and delight
to a young child’s mind.

The Christmas Present
that keeps on giving!

A Birthday Gift
that lasts all year.

A Forever Memory
that will last a lifetime…

What a wonderful way
to show you care!



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  • You will be required to have or setup a PayPal account in order to have the monthly payments processed.
  • Your card will be charged only $15 each month for exactly 12 months.
  • Books ship directly from the publisher with 3-5 days of the order placed.
  • Cancel any time within your PayPal account.