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Shop my Books: Prices reflect options for binding type (hardback or paperback) and whether you would like the book(s) autographed. If you request an autographed book(s) there is an additional fee due to the fact that books are pulled from personal inventory which cost shipping to obtain. Autographs can include dedications; please type your dedication in the comments field at check out and be sure to check spelling carefully. Want to meet the author? Find me at a show or schedule a visit.


  • Enjoy reading with a paper book in your hands? The smell of the new crisp pages wafting into your nose? I’ve got paperbacks.
  • If you enjoy reading by the soft white glow of an e-reader, able to enlarge the font to best comfort your eyes, I’ve got e-books.
  • Got Amazon Prime membership and want to save on shipping costs,?I’ve got links to Amazon.
  • Want to support the big box bookstores? I’ve got links to Barnes and Noble.
  • Plus, the coolest thing I’ve found so far – Magic Blox! They combine the e-book with the audio book to make an interactive platform that reads children’s books to the child on their tablet. Remember those books that came with records, and when you heard the ding you turned the page? Just like that – except digital! If you haven’t heard of Magic Blox for your toddlers, take a look!

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