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One of the most rewarding experiences an author can have is to be invited to a school or library and read to a group of children.  I love watching the faces as they go from happy laughter, to shocked concern, to cheerful clapping at the end. I have found that most children flourish when meeting an author – they ask so many amazing questions and the majority of them love the idea of writing because their imaginations are running wild.

I also know that author readings can be quite costly, especially for lower income schools.  My goal is to educate the children – so my school visit fee is nominal. I just want enough to cover the cost of a tank of gas (within 100 miles).  I’d also want the opportunity to do book sales. I would be happy to donate a book to the library and would even give a discount to the school or library if they bought an entire set.  I want to work with the schools because educating the next generation is incredibly important to me.  That is why I have also begun creating curriculum to go along with the Hamilton Troll series.  Extending the educational aspects of the series past just the book helps to solidify a child’s learning, so I’ve created Reading Comprehension Quizzes, Language Arts, Math and even some Science.

Local Texas Author Wins 2 Awards for Children's Cookbook

Local Texas Author Wins 2 Awards for Children’s Cookbook

Media Kit for Kathleen J. Shields

If you would like to have Kathleen J. Shields visit your school or library please contact me for a quote.

Author Reading at Franklin Public Library

Author Reading at Franklin Public Library


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