About Author Kathleen J. Shields

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I love using my imagination.

I love being creative.

I love who I am.

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About author Kathleen J. Shields

I love children and I love selling books!

I’ve got the best job in the world because I get to do what I love. 

Not only do I enjoy writing stories, I enjoy creating the covers for those books.

I’m a graphics designer (self-taught) and that, with website development, is my day job.

I run Kathleen’s Graphics, a website and graphic design company.

Creating custom logos for people, designing websites, flyers and advertisements and most especially assisting in author services.

Helping to aspire authors by creating an eye-catching book cover.

I help them by designing their website. I create business cards, bookmarks, videos, banners, and anything else they may need.

I also run the Erin Go Bragh Publishing company.

Started as a need to properly publish my children’s books, this company has quickly grown, on it’s own, with the successful addition of multiple other authors. 

EGB Publishing prefers to publish children’s books but any educational books fit the profile.

We’ve even published a nearly 1200 page Vietnamese to English Dictionary – so that is completely educational!

Author Kathleen J. Shields is fast at work releasing fun and exciting books of all genres, for all ages and plans to keep putting out books and fun stories as long as God allows. While running a website and graphic design business and every task as her own publishing company, she keeps up with weekly blog posts and writing new adventures

Kathleen never tires of finding ways to be creative.  She enjoys learning new things, teaching herself new programs and writing about anything she can dream of. Being self-taught, she does it all on her own; following the model, if you want it done right…


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