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Author Kathleen J. Shields is fast at work releasing fun and exciting books of all genres, for all ages and plans to keep putting out books and fun stories as long as God allows. While running a website and graphic design business and every task as her own publishing company, she keeps up with weekly blog posts and writing new adventures. The following are books that are currently available or are on the coming very soon list.



Hamilton Troll meets Pink Light Sprite is the first book of this rhyming series about a troll who lives in a hole and is afraid of thunder storms and how Pink Light Sprite helps him.

Hamilton Troll meets Skeeter Skunk is about an excitable skunk who just wants to join the big Stick-Nut Game but whenever he gets scared out comes a Pe-Yew!

Hamilton Troll meets Barney Bee is about a very sweet, yet plumply round bumble bee who spends his day flying from flower to flower eating pollen but then 'comes down' with  hefty problem.

Hamilton Troll meets Chatterton Squirrel watches the smallest in his family being taught how to leap from tree to tree but Chatterton is so afraid of falling he can't make the jump.

Hamilton Troll meets Elwood Woodpecker discovers petrified wood the 'hard' way so they visit the Beaver Brothers for an education about the stone-like tree.

Hamilton Troll meets Dinosaurs when Hamilton finds a fossil, a clue of a time long ago, he visits a museum and then comes across a nest of eggs that hatch and teach him more than he believed.

Hamilton Troll meets Whitaker Owl being taught by his parents how to hoot, Hamilton realizes Whitaker needs a lot more practice, but when a bear enters the area, Whitaker saves them.
Hamilton Troll meets Rudy Rat Rosa Raccoon and the other children think Rudy Rat is a really mean kid, but Hamilton Troll realizes Rudy just needs friends, and starts the PAWS program. Hamilton Troll and the Case of the Missing Home is a fun tale describing why Hamilton lives next to a chopped down tree and the magic of Christmas.


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Hamilton Troll meets Fiona the Dog Things are going missing, Merle's mat, Rudy's hat, even Hamilton Troll! A cute white puppy dog named Fiona is making a collection and her favorite word is "Mine!" Hamilton Troll Coloring & Activity Book over 100 pages of coloring, mazes, word searches, did you know facts, a crossword puzzle, hidden message and more.    




Dandy Lion - A Legend of Love & Loss is a Christian-based story that follows a young lion named Dandy throughout the course of his life.  Each chapter ending with scripture, this story will fill your soul with hope and ambition.


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A Rainbow of Thanks is a children's chapter book that follows Kate, a young eleven year old girl one day as she travels  around the world on a rainbow learning about various cultures and their traditional beliefs about rainbows.


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Ally Cat - A Tale of Survival is a story for all ages. While falling to her death, Allison Catsworth watches herself transform into a cat and by doing so, is able to land on all four paws. 


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Dream World Defenders an epic out-of-this-world adventure that teaches six children about the most common types of dreams, how to control their dreams and how to use their imagination to accomplish anything! Anything, that is... except how to wake up.


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For Mature Audiencess 


The Creation of Kaitlyn Jones is the beginning of an exciting young adult trilogy about a girl named Kaitlyn who discovers while still in high school the gift of telepathy, dreams that see in to the future and super-human strength.

Kaitlyn Jones, Surviving Death the sequel to the creation, that follows the emotionally devastated Kaitlyn through the mystery surrounding Tom's apparent death all the while working as a police officer, body guard and then the premiere secret service.

Kaitlyn Jones, Reuniting Fate the third edition to the trilogy, answers that long sought after question of what happened to Tom all the while following Kaitlyn as she embarks upon an electrifying journey that will inevitably distort everything in her life.

For Mature Audiences
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Her Guarded Desire puts Kristen in the middle of another battle; not only from oncoming dangers, but between her boyfriend and her bodyguard.  Whom will she choose?


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Kathleen J. Shields runs her own website and graphics design company and has published various books; from fully-illustrated rhyming stories for ages 4 and up, children's chapter books for ages 8 and up, a Christian tale, a young adult trilogy and a few romantic adult stories as well.


Kathleen never tires of finding ways to be creative.  She enjoys learning new things, teaching herself new programs and writing about anything she can dream of.


Being self-taught, she does it all on her own; following the model, if you want it done right...





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