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Hello, I am; Kathleen J. Shields, an award-Winning Texas Author. I have more than 26 published books and have plans for many more! I am proud to introduce "The Painting" my latest Christian novel has won First Place Religious Fiction by the TAA. The "Hamilton Troll Cookbook" easy to make recipes that children can do themselves - has won TWO awards, the TAA and the Purple Dragonfly. Along with the multi-award-winning "Hamilton Troll Adventures" fully-illustrated rhyming educational story series for young readers. There are also multiple Tween chapter books, and Kaitlyn Jones; a young adult trilogy. - Yes, I've been busy!

If you can imagine it – you can write it.

Imagination is the catalyst behind every good fiction story. By allowing yourself to unlock your imagination you can literally do anything in the universe – and then some! If you can think of the next step your character should take, you can start writing that character’s story. Soon, that character will start taking on a life of his or her own. Before long, your imagination will shock even yourself as your story continues. I’ll admit that even I have found myself laughing hysterically or crying crocodile tears as my fingers type out a scene I was not prepared for. When your story shocks even you – the writer – you know it’s going to be good! That is exactly why Imagination is key!

As an only child I discovered the joy of entertaining myself through my stories and carry that thrill through the writing process to my young readers. I love going to schools and visiting libraries. Reading to and educating children is a true joy of mine. Please contact me if you’d like to have an author visit your students.

Texas Author Wins Multiple Awards in 2017!  …Press Release…

Winner First Place Purple Dragonfly Book Award


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School Visits & Library Readings

School Visits & Library Readings

Book Signings & Meet the Author

Book Signings & Meet the Author

Upcoming Events & Tradeshow Schedule

Upcoming Events & Tradeshow Schedule



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I write an inspirational BLOG: KathleenJShields.com and would love it if you would Follow Me. I write about being an author, business owner and Christian. I offer educational tidbits about writing, publishing, graphics design and more. I impart inspirational messages and food for thought, then I throw in some crazy topics every once in a while.  I also, of course, post updates regarding my books, readings and tradeshows.

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Watch Troll TV - Hamilton Troll Videos

Additionally, I host Hamilton Troll’s website, which contains games for children to play, videos to watch (I call it Troll TV), and there are printable coloring pages.

I also developed a curriculum to go along with the series.  Parents, teachers and homeschoolers can work language arts, math and science into their day of Hamilton Troll.

Hamilton Troll Curriculum - Worksheets for Teachers & Homeschoolers

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